Who said it would be easy?


Often times I find myself giving the advice to those that haven’t quite embarked on the parenthood voyage: “It’s the hardest, most rewarding thing you will ever do”. It truly, truly is. 

Carrying a child for 9 months and forming a bond before even having the opportunity to hold your baby is an unspeakable phenomenon. We create this relationship with our growing infant and revel in each stage of growth and development. Hold our breath with each test and checkup. Refresh our pregnancy apps, awaiting the next sized fruit and phase of progress. We pack our hospital bags, only to repack it and if you’re like me… forget it all together when the time finally does come.

Pregnancy isn’t easy, but how beautiful it is to grow humans

The miracle that is birth, isn’t glamorous, but bringing life into this world is a feat 

Babies are needy in the most refreshing way

Infants are delightfully curious and watching them take it all in is an uplifting reminder to take life slow

Toddlers are strong willed and grasping at every inch of knowledge they can obtain

As parents, we have the immense responsibility of making sure our kids turn out to respectable, flourishing adults. 

I don't think we give each other enough credit and kudos. No day is the same with my little ladies, some days are endless tantrums and constant back talk. Other days are joyfully easy and smooth sailing. I try to take each day as it comes and appreciate the good moments and accept the bad moments as learning lessons for not only myself, but the ability to teach my kids how to be better. 

We are surrounded by other parents doing the best they can. Taking each day as it is and striving for the same end goal. Nothing is worse than the side eye in the grocery store when trying to diffuse my toddler whilst having a hard moment. There are times when I feel frustrated because I didn't handle a situation with the perfect amount of grace and dignity. When I feel judged because my child is throwing a tantrum over a toy or sweet treat. The older generation who can't seem to recall what it was like to raise children who are constantly fighting for independence. The parent's who haven't quite reached this stage with their own shy and mild tempered babe. 

I challenge everyone when opportunity arises to give that reassuring nod, as if to say: "You're doing great" or "This stage will soon pass". 

We aren't always going to be in a space, both mentally and physically to get down to our children's level to discuss a situation or teach a life lesson. That doesn't mean we won't get a chance to find learning opportunities after the fact. I am working on not letting the judgments of others make me feel as though I'm less than, when it comes to my parenting, because I know that each situation allows me to learn and improve. I urge you all to do the same. Give yourself a break and just keep doing your absolute best. Even if your best is improved today because you learned yesterday, that there's a better way. 

As far as I can tell, we're all just winging it!