Gotta Have It

We all want it, but don't know how to achieve it. To be honest, I'm at a total loss and still trying to figure it out myself. What is it, inquiring minds wonder - Financial freedom and the luxury of raising our babies while simultaneously being able to monetarily contribute to the household. What a mouthful!


We are constantly being offered mom boss opportunities that, don't get me wrong - sound pretty amazing and have proven successful for some but end up being a complete and utter fail for myself. I've given MLM companies a shot and several different personal business ventures, with no gain, nada...zilch. Whether it's lack of time, motivation or the support in knowing how to flourish within these opportunities; I personally have yet to figure out the magic in it all.

Don't worry, I'm not here to sell a thing! Just a mama telling her story on balancing being a mom + wife and how I contribute. My husband and I met early on in our college careers and about a year after our friendship began, we started to establish our lives together. We married a little over 3 years later and will be shortly celebrating 5 years of marriage. Time flies is a total understatement. When our first daughter was born, I was working at a Financial Institution and my husband began his career as a Shipwright (Fabricates & Repairs boats). We were able to arrange our schedules to accommodate part time child care. It worked wonderfully for the first 6 months and then upon taking a different position within the same company, my schedule was adjusted and full time day care was now necessary.

When I learned I was pregnant with baby #2, I was determined to make staying home work. I enjoyed having a career, but I personally felt that some aspect of my life was always lacking and I knew that having two little's would just complicate and exacerbate my frustrations. While on maternity leave I applied for a part time position that provided medical insurance, whhhhhat!!! In the small town I live in, that's nearly impossible to find. The position was a graveyard shift, but at this point I was willing and able to do whatever it took to make it work. I have now been working a PT graveyard shift schedule for nearly 6 months and while some days are super challenging, the ability to be home with my babies keep me going back week after week. I often have people ask me how I do it; I don't have a good answer. When we're presented with a less than ideal and challenging situation, we just do, not always because we want to, but because we have to.

I know that a schedule like this is unattainable for the long term, but it's working for my family now. I look forward to the day that I may not have to work outside the home, or my husband and I can come up with that amazing business venture that puts us on the map. Until then, good night from this mombie, that's uncertain whether my exhaustion is due to coming off my Friday on the midnight shift and trying to adjust back into a normal sleep sched or dealing with a rambunctious toddler with ALL the sass.

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What are you doing to support your families? Tell us your parenting wins and/or struggles?

Much Love, K ♥